Anjeer Plant
Anjeer Indian Fig Plant
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Anjeer Indian Fig Plant


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  • Also, known as Atti Pazham in Tamil/ Malayalam, Athi Pallu in Telugu, and Gulur or Anjir in Hindi.
  • Commonly used during Constipation, control Diabetes.
  • Yields after 2 years or more.
  • Outdoor plant with less care

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Fig commonly known as Anjeer in India is grown in some parts of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh. Due to its natural sweetness, it is known as sweet candy.
Scientifically termed Ficus Carcia is a native fruit of the Middle East, Asia, Turkey. However, it is commercially grown in the USA and Spain.


Anjeer is a deciduous tree which means it loses its foliage during the fall and grows new leaves during spring. Being a powerhouse of antioxidants flavonoids, Vitamin A, E, and K that helps to prevent chronic diseases like cancer, Diabetes and also at the same time reduce Inflammation and increases digestion.


Treats sexual problem
Sustain Weight Loss
Regulates Blood Pressure
Prevents Constipation
Treat Piles
Makes Bones Stronger
Control Diabetes
Treat Alzheimer Disease
Treats Insomnia


The harvest time is during the summer season and before winter. The fresh deep purplish anjeer should be consumed within 2 days otherwise it would not be able to retain its freshness. However, the dried one is available throughout the year. The dried anjeer too consists of the same nutrients and this dried form is consumed mostly.


It can be propagated by two methods. Method one is from the seeds and the second method is from cutting. It would take more time to grow from the seeds whereas from the cutting it would take much less time.

Propagation through Seeds:-

Seeds are soaked in the lukewarm overnight and on the next day the seeds are spread on a small tray containing a mixture of soil, vermicompost, and cocopeat (not necessary), and it is kept under indirect sunlight. Within 90 days the leaves would start emerging from the mixture and then they can be shifted to the containers.

Propagation through Cutting:-

A fresh cutting of the healthy plant of around 10 to 12 inches is rooted half into the container containing the mixture of soil, vermicompost, and cocopeat (Not necessary) and kept under indirect sunlight. After a new shoot has propagated and has exited the older one then it can be shifted to the bigger container.


Five points must be taken care of while growing the anjeer plant. They are


It requires loamy clay soil or potting mix soil. The pH of the soil should be checked and it should be within 6 to 8. The soil should be well-draining and also at the same time retain some water for the better yield of the fruit.


It requires water at the regular interval as the scarcity of it would make the leaves turn yellowish and overwatering would also damage the plant. You can check the moisture content of the soil by poking the finger into the soil and adding additional water if there is any requirement.


Anjeer Plant is a sun-loving plant and grows healthy when kept under the exposure of sun rays for around 5-7 hours a day.


It requires sunny and dry climatic conditions and it performs better during the Summer season. The ideal temperature is between 20 to 25 C however the excessive temperature may damage the fruit of the plant.


For the regular growth of the plant, you can add 2-3 big spoons of the organic vermicompost on an interval of 2-3 months. Pruning as well as weeding with khurpi is also necessary once a month. If the plant is attacked by some pests like spider mites, whiteflies or aphids then spray the affected areas with the neem oil.


After you have received the corrugated box containing the plant then unbox it and remove the paper tapes used for the safe arrival of the plant. Keep the plant in the indirect sunlight and if required pour some amount of water into it. As the pot doesn’t have a hole at the bottom so don’t put extra water in it. If you have any balcony or terrace or any other place where it receives the indirect sun rays then keep it at that particular place for the time being.

Within 3-4 days it will become healthy and you can then or later repot it. We would recommend to the repot the plant after 2-3 months so that by that time the plant would become used to the climatic condition of your area.


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